Young people seated having a serious discussion in a group therapy setting.

Limestone Health’s comprehensive opioid treatment program (OTP) provides assessments, counseling services, medication-assisted therapy and medication maintenance for individuals with an opioid addiction. Our treatment approach is a well-proven, coordinated and effective method to managing substance use.

Methadone Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is the use of medication (Methadone) in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies for the treatment of substance use disorders. Methadone treatment offers immediate relief from opioid withdrawal symptoms, enabling you to break your dependence.

At Limestone Health, medications are dispensed on-site at one of our two Indiana locations. We offer a comfortable, confidential setting, with approved medication take-home privileges over time. Opioid addiction treatment is provided by a multidisciplinary team that focuses on individual patient needs.


To provide patients with as much support as possible, we offer individual, group and/or family therapy services to supplement your recovery. Therapy helps to uncover the triggers of addiction and impart effective coping skills. Research has shown that methadone treatment is more effective when it includes individual and/or group counseling.

Counseling sessions focus on the abstinence from opioids and other substances, development of coping skills, recovery, and setting solution-oriented and achievable life goals.

Other Services

Limestone Health provides patients with information on drug addiction, opioid addiction treatment, and relapse prevention. We also provide patients with information about other agencies that provide additional education, testing, and counseling. Please contact us or view our opioid addiction resources for more information.

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